My Mother Taught Me Well

As I walk through the forest of the dark dark night
The mist begins to lift as my mother's cottage comes into sight
It's lit by an open flame of flickering light that escapes through the windows, where it meets its bitter end

As I pass the great oak tree where my mother's mother was buried
I start to smell lavender and sage in the cold harsh air
I step inside the cottage I hear all four walls creek, I feel her presence as I look down at my bloody red hands

I recall the articulation in her voice as she read from her book of shadows
Tongue sharp as her athame, eyes black as the beautiful abyss
Dragged her to the town to burn her alive
I remembered each and every one of their faces as I weeped and cursed them through the night

As the seasons changed and the years passed by my heart turned to black
Air surrounding me compressed by rage and my oncoming vengeance
My fingertips and face covered in ash, fatal expression as the smoke lifted from my eyes

I made my way to their village, my movement feline, distinct
I poisoned their well, I killed them all, my mother taught me well